Manolos Aviation T/A Niugini Heliworks
Old Airport Road, Section 362, Aerial Boulevard
PO BOX 4746, LAE, MP,
Papua New Guinea
Ph:+675 7107 6963 or +675 7636 2156




Whether its expertise in aerial deployment or maneuvering through the difficult Papua New Guinea terranes you can count on us to offer the best services this industry can offer. Our solutions are offered with our partners in mind and we are always in close consultation every step of the way.  

The success of our special projects is a testament to our professionalism and long term experience of flying within Papua New Guinea. Over the years we have strategically opened up offices and situated helicopters in Lae, Alotau & Chimbu to ensure we are as close to our clients as possible and attending to their requests with minimal delays. 

All our flight paths are monitored through a helicopter real-time tracking system ensuring we are in full visual and audio contact with our pilots from the start to finish of a project.